Tequila Avión refreshes packaging design

Jul 20, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Tequila brand Avión has unveiled an updated bottle design and a new canister for its Silver, Reposado and Añejo expressions.

The new design aims to highlight the brand’s single origin credentials, with 'Avión single origin Tequila' printed on every bottle. Individual batch and bottle numbers have also been hand-printed on each label and the bottles now come packaged in a redesigned canister. The canisters include tasting notes, the batch number, the number of months the Tequila has been aged in whiskey barrels, and they also carry the signatures of both founder Ken Austin and third generation owner and distiller Alejandro Lopez. Jenna Fagnan, president of Tequila Avión, said: “Our goal was to not only create a beautiful package, but also to design a bottle that is functional to anyone mixing things up behind the bar and to provide significant value to the Avión consumer.” The bottles have retained the same shape to ensure it fits in speed rails and is easy to pour. The words 'salida', meaning departure and 'llegada', meaning arrival, are still embossed on the sides of the bottle to provide grip when holding. Tequila Avión is distributed across the US with an RRP of US$44.99 for Silver, US$49.99 for Reposado and US$54.99 for Añejo per 750ml. Earlier this year, Pernod Ricard announced it had completed its acquisition of the remaining stake in Avión Spirits, owner of Tequila brand Avión, for an undisclosed sum.