Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur


It is vibrant in color and delightfully floral with a fresh taste of elderflower. Fiorente is designed to make the perfectly balanced aperitif with low sugar content and the addition of lemon peel and mint in the infusion.

The Francoli family started distilling plants, fruits and flowers in the village of Campodolcino in the Italian Alps in the early nineteenth century. They have over 50 years’ experience in producing elderflower-based liqueurs as many of their leading liqueurs use elderflowers as a key ingredient. The Francoli distillery was the first ever to be o­ffcially certified ‘carbon-neutral’.

Fiorente is named after Flora - the Roman goddess of flowers. Statues of Flora adorned the villages in ancient times and the goddess’s name was invoked to make flowers bloom in Spring.The Floralia festival was held at the end of April to celebrate the start of the cycle of life, flowers and drinking.

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