Castello Mio

Castello Mio Sambuca Superiore


 Castello Mio Sambuca is made by a family company with a tradition of crafting fine liqueurs in the Veneto region of Italy since the 1800's. Available in the "classico" style as well as espresso, each bottle is packaged in an elegant, tall glass decanter with a built-in pourer that adds an eye-catching component to the bar.The classic Castello Mio Sambuca Superiore is a unique combination of all the beloved, traditional sambuca flavors with a secret blend of herbs and spices, resulting in an exceptionally smooth liqueur. The combination of its delicate balance and long finish make it an excellent spirit to be enjoyed neat, and also as a versatile cocktail ingredient. One of the great traditions of sipping sambuca is to add three coffee beans to it, allowing the natural coffee flavors and aromas to lightly infuse the glass. Legend has it that this will also bring you good luck! Castello Mio Sambuca Espresso takes that tradition one step further - with an infusion of real Italian deep roast coffee beans added to the classic sambuca. The result is a unique, exciting digestif with a kick! Castello Mio Sambuca Superiore and Sambuca Espresso are high end liqueurs with stunning visual appeal. Beloved in their native Italy, they are now a sophisticated import that adds value to any liqueur collection.

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