Kranebet Italian Juniper Liqueur debuts in UK

by Georgie Pursey

Spirits distributor Hi-Spirits has launched a botanical juniper liqueur from Italy called Kranebet.

Produced in Asiago in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy, Kranebet is made using hand-picked juniper berries, gentian root, roman absinthe, coriander seeds and quassia bark. Originally thought of as a popular pharmaceutical elixir, the liqueur is slow-distilled at the Rossi d’Asiago distillery using a traditional copper still with a bain-marie system. The distillation method maintains the temperature, allowing for preservation of the aromatics and ensuring a balanced distillate. The name Kranebet comes from the cimbric word 'kraneveta', which translates to mean 'bitter grains'. This is the name given to the juniper plant by the Cimbrian population that used to live in the Italian pre-Alps. Kranebet was created in 1924, and became a recognised brand in the local territory. Rossi D’Asiago is also the producer of internationally recognised brands Antica Sambuca and Volare Liqueurs. Offering a slightly sweeter twist on a traditional London Dry gin, the liquid boasts delicate bitter and herbaceous notes with hints of wood. It is recommended enjoyed neat, chilled on the rocks, or mixed with tonic to create a botanical aperitif. Erik Lorincz, founder of London bar Kwānt, has curated a selection of cocktail recipes using Kranebet juniper liqueur, which showcase the aromas and sweetness of the liquid. Lorincz has collaborated with Rossi d’Asiago distillery since 2021. Kranebet Botanic Juniper liqueur is presented in a 700ml bottle and rests at 40% ABV. It is available to purchase through Amazon, and has an RRP £27.47 (US$31.57).