Vodka removes polar bear from label in support of conservation

Jan 23, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Canadian vodka brand Polar Ice has removed a polar bear image from its label in support of Polar Bears International, an organisation that promotes the animal's conservation.

The limited-edition bottle from the Canadian brand asks the question, 'Where's the bear?', with a nod to what the future may look like if the population of polar bears continues to decline. Kim Creighton, brand manager of white spirits at distributor Corby Spirit and Wine, said: "We're happy to continue working with Polar Bears International on this important initiative. As a Canadian brand whose hero is the polar bear, this was a natural partnership to raise awareness about the dangers affecting the habitats of these animals." The limited-edition "bear-less" bottles will be on sale in Canada throughout January and February and include a neck tag informing consumers about ways they can work to protect the bears. Creighton added: "Our goal is to educate consumers to learn more about the pressing threats of climate change and ensure the species will be around for generations to come. It's not too late to sustain a future for polar bears and we hope we can encourage others to join us in getting involved." This is the second time the Canadian brand has removed the bears from its label, highlighting the impact declining sea ice will have on the worldwide population of polar bears. Krista Wright, executive director of Polar Bears International, said: "Last year's campaign was highly successful in raising awareness, and we're thrilled that Polar Ice plans to offer the bottles again." "The missing polar bear serves as a poignant reminder of what we stand to lose unless we take action on climate – and the neck-tags provide information on how we each can help. It's a fun, catchy campaign with a serious purpose." The limited-edition bottles will be on sale across Canada in the run up to International Polar Bear Day on February 27.