Tiny Rebel Brewing launches trio of gins

by Melita Kiely

Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel has created a trio of beer-inspired gins: Cwtch, Clwb and Dutty.

The South Wales brewery, located in Newport, partnered with Dà Mhìle Distillery to create the gins over a nine-month period. Cwtch was named after the South Wales brewery’s beer of the same name, and is made with “heaps of citrus peel” to create a gin that is “deliciously refreshing and citrusy”. It is bottled at 42% abv and has an RRP Of £30 (US$39) per 700ml. Clwb is said to be a “juicy and tropical” gin, taking notes from the brewer’s “fruity” IPA. Bottled at 42% abv, the gin has an RRP of £35 (US$46) per 700ml. The third expression, Dutty, is made with “loads of hops” and is said to have flavours of “zesty” lemon with a hint of bitterness, and a light green hue. It is bottled at 42% abv and has an RRP of £33 (US$43) per 700ml. All three gins are available to purchase at Tiny Rebel bars, which can be found at the brewery, in Cardiff and at the Newport Centre, as well as via the brewery's online shop. Tiny Rebel gins are also available in a gift set, featuring three 50ml bottles priced at RRP £15 (US$20).