The 1970 flavoured vodka targets ‘sophisticated’ millennials

Feb 27, 2018by Owen Bellwood

A new vodka that is flavoured with 19 exotic fruits and spices, called The 1970, is targeting 'sophisticated millennial drinkers'.

Launched by Ikeda Feingold, The 1970 is flavoured with 19 ingredients, including blood orange, pomegranate, cinnamon and black pepper. Feingold said: "Millennials didn't really have a spirits product of their own. I noticed they were romanticising previous decades in their music and fashion choices and gravitating toward the 1970s in particular. Everything old was new again." In order to make the brand stand out in the flavoured vodka market, Feingold thought it was essential to have an eye catching bottle design. Knowing she wanted "a tall, glass bottle with a mix of feminine and masculine design elements", Feingold sketched out the design on a napkin. Feingold said: "I wanted the bottle's look to give the feeling that it's been around for a long time, but yet also modern and new." The 'versatile' spirit can be served neat over ice, as a shot, mixed other spirits or served in place of straight vodka in a cocktail. Bottled at 35%abv, The 1970 has launched in Georgia in the on-trade, with plans to launch in further US states – including South Carolina and Florida.