Scottish gin launches with ‘horsey’ twist

by Owen Bellwood

Gin brand Ginkhana has launched its inaugural small-batch expression, which has been developed to appeal to equestrian fans around the UK.

The Aberdeen-based brand's first expression has been launched as a "local spirit with an equestrian twist". Founded by keen horse rider David Lawson, Ginkhana was developed in partnership with the Twin River Distillery and took its name from a pageantry and exhibition field day event, called the Gymkhana. Its 'horsey' inspiration doesn't stop at the name; Ginkhana is flavoured with local and exotic botanicals, including a number of horse-friendly snacks – apples, carrots and meadow hay. The gin has a “wonderful aroma of a summer meadow from the hay", while on the palate, "the apple and carrots hit your taste buds when you take a sip" and the finish leaves the drinker feeling "fresh and clean" due to the gin's inclusion of mint in the recipe. Bottled at 43%abv, a 50cl bottle of Ginkhana costs £35 from the Iverurie Whisky Shop. Ginkhana will also soon be available online at the distillery's website. Scotland’s Twin River Distillery recently launched a new expression it hoped would be the world’s strongest gin, however soon after its release, this title was claimed by a South African distillery instead.