Relicario encourages sharing with promotional pack

by Owen Bellwood

Spain-based Beveland Distillers has unveiled a new promotional pack for Ron Relicario Superior rum, designed to encourage people to share moments of relaxation.

The latest promotional package from Beveland Distillers showcases the Spanish drinks producer's Ron Relicario Superior rum, a blend of five- and 10-year-old Dominican rums. The promotional pack includes a bottle of Ron Relicario Superior alongside two glasses, encased in packaging designed to highlight the history of the brand. With its new packaging, Beveland aims to demonstrate the traditional production methods and ageing processes used by Relicario rum, while encouraging fans to share moments of "leisure and relaxation with whomever they want". The launch follows a rapid increase of Beveland's rum offering over the last year. In February, the group added brandy-barrel finished Caribbean rum brand Ron Jungla to its portfolio, while Marama Spiced Fijian Rum joined the Beveland range in 2017.