Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries launches rum

Apr 13, 2018by Owen Bellwood

American spirits producer Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries has expanded its range with the launch of Bly Silver Rum.

The distillery's new white rum is produced in small batches using molasses sourced from the Pennsylvania countryside. Barry Young, master distiller, said: "For Bly it was my goal to push the flavour profile so it had a good amount of flavour, picked up the characteristics of the molasses and was not over distilled, which can [create] a bland spirit." Bly Rum is produced using the distillery's 'unique' mash method, which gently warms the molasses rather than cooking it, to prevent a burnt tasting spirit. Each batch produced yields 600 bottles of Bly Silver Rum, which has "notes of butterscotch and vanilla" with a clean finish. Bly Silver Rum is now available through Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board stores, as well as in other US states, including  California, Delaware, Florida and Illinois. The spirit will roll out to further states, including Connecticut, New Jersey and New York, in May. The white rum joins Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries' core range, which also includes Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka.