Moonpig releases ‘haunted gin’ for Halloween

by Michael J Ritchie

A bright green gin said to be infused with "possessed apple and mint" has been released in time for Halloween.

Evil Spirit Gin, to be sold by online gifts and cards retailer Moonpig, has been made with ingredients produced in Pluckley, Kent – said to be England's most haunted village. Pluckley is said to have 15 ghosts in residence and is a popular destination for ghost hunters around Halloween. As well as apples and mint, the Evil Spirit Gin uses "a sprinkling of the potent Devil's Claw botanical". Union Distillers, which has supplied Moonpig with the spirit, distilled the product for two weeks last month. After production, each bottle had had a curse placed on it by Julianne White (pictured below), a professional witch. The curse was cast during October's full moon. She explains: "The blessing empowers the drinker to follow whatever their hearts desire – whether it is for good or evil." Moonpig managing director James Sturrock added: "Our gin is guaranteed to raise the spirits at any Halloween party. While we’re loved for our unique personalised gifts, 'cursonalised' items are a whole new category for us. "We recommend mixing our Evil Spirit Gin with your favourite tonic and serving chilled to the bone." Evil Spirit Gin is available from the Moonpig website for £13.00 a bottle. Kraken Black Spiced Rum last month announced its horror movie inspired event, Screamfest, for Halloween.