Mississippi’s first Bourbon goes on sale

Nov 23, 2017by Owen Bellwood

The Rich Grain Distilling Co has produced what it claims is the first Bourbon made in the state of Mississippi.

The Rich Grain Distilling Co in Canton, Mississippi has been mashing, fermenting and distilling spirit to be aged in barrels since it began production in 2016. The first spirit produced and sent for maturation in brand new charred oak barrels has now been bottled and will be sold as Bourbon across Mississippi starting this week. For a product to be legally called Bourbon, it must be made from a mash containing at least 51% corn, which must then be distilled and left to mature in brand new, charred oak barrels. To make its Bourbon, The Rich Grain Distilling Co produces two different whiskeys, one containing 17% rye and the other containing 17% wheat. These two whiskeys are distilled and matured separately but are married together following their maturation. This combination of the two spirits gives the Bourbon a "spiciness from the rye and a light sweetness from the wheat, which balance one another out beautifully". David Rich, distillery owner, said: "When I first opened, while I was distilling Bourbon and building my inventory, I started producing un-aged spirits as well that could be sold right away. This first Bourbon release joins our 100% corn whiskey, white rum made from Louisiana turbinado sugar and molasses, and our own spiced rum."