Koloa Rum unveils barrel-aged expression

by Owen Bellwood

Hawaii-based Koloa Rum Company has launched its first aged expression, called Kauai Reserve Three-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum.

The single batch rum, made from Hawaiian cane sugar, has been aged for three years in American white oak barrels. Koloa Rum Company president and CEO, Bob Gunter, said: "We are thrilled to be launching our newest rum at the dawn of the New Year." "Kauai Reserve pours elegantly from the bottle, with a warm golden hue and a bouquet of mellow oak, orange peel and toasted vanilla.” The latest expression from the Hawaiian distillery has been described as “remarkably smooth with rich, complex flavours that linger long after the last sip." According to Gunter, the latest release is the culmination of years of experimentation by the distillery team, as the protocols for ageing rum in Hawaii's tropical climate cannot be found in manuals. Kauai Reserve Three-Year Aged Hawaiian Rum will be sold in California and other West Coast markets in February, as well as directly from Koloa Rum, for US$49.99 per 750ml bottle. Established in 2009, Koloa Rum Company produces single-batch Hawaiian rum and ready-to-drink cocktails. The company's portfolio includes white, gold and dark rums as well as flavoured expressions such as spiced, coffee and coconut. SB recently spoke to rum producers in the Caribbean, who faced the most severe hurricane season on record last year.