Glenmorangie creates ‘revolutionary’ online whisky experience

by Amy Hopkins

Single malt Scotch whisky Glenmorangie has created three short films that “communicate the sensorial nature of whisky” using “pioneering online techniques”.

Each film is centred around the phenomenon of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), a tingling sensation on the skin. As such, the audience is invited to ‘feel’ the taste of Glenmorangie. The brand commissioned a study led by Oxford University’s professor Charles Spence and ASMR experts from Manchester Metropolitan University to create a sensory profile of the most effective ASMR ‘triggers’. Glenmorangie then commissioned creative agency Alter_Projects and Bompas & Parr to direct the three films in collaboration with artists Thomas Traum, Julie Weitz and Studio de Crécy. The films aim to evoke the whisky’s “terroir, creation and character” through ASMR techniques, using ‘triggers’ that relate to whisky and the Highlands to elicit emotional reactions. “At Glenmorangie we are always searching for innovative ways to delight single malt lovers,” said Bill Lumsden, director of distilling for Glenmorangie. “By bringing the unique characters of our whiskies to life online in such a revolutionary way, we can share the spirit of Glenmorangie more widely – and perhaps inspire viewers to try our whisky the traditional way, too.” Each film focuses on three different Glenmorangie expressions: The Original, The Lasanta, and Signet. In another 'first', Glenmorangie recently partnered with Renovo to craft a set of bicycles made from the staves of ex-Bourbon casks, priced at £5,400 each.