DJ Limbrey Distilling launches spirit infusers

by Owen Bellwood

The London-based DJ Limbrey Distilling Co has expanded its product range with the launch of cold infusion botanical bags.

The range, called DJ’s Cold Infusion Pockets, use fruit and botanical ingredients to “liven up a drink” with flavour and colour. Dominic Limbrey, managing director of DJ’s Cold Infusion, said: “The consumer gets to choose their own flavour intensity, with a choice to either leave their infusion pocket in their drink or remove it once the added flavour is perfect for them. "The pockets take just a few minutes to infuse, and provide an innovative and sophisticated way to create delicious drinks with an added twist. Each blend has been finely honed to produce the ultimate balance between each individual ingredient’s natural flavour and character." The infusion pockets are available in six flavours, including Rooibos Spice, which includes Rooibos Tea and five spices; Summer Equinox, a blend of summer fruit flavours; and Passion Star, made from passionfruit, vanilla and citrus. Each infusion pocket is plastic-free and made from starch, meaning they are fully biodegradable. Drinks fans can also purchase a patented stirring spoon with their infusion pockets, which is made from stainless steel and is said to cater for the "increasing consumer opinion about creating reusable drinks accessories". The pockets are available in packs of 10 for £9.99 (US$13) and consumers can get a free DJ’s Pocket Spoon with each box until 31 December 2018.