Bushmills unveils third Steamship Collection whiskey

by Annie Hayes

Irish whiskey brand Bushmills has launched the third edition in its travel retail exclusive Steamship Collection – called Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve.

The new variant follows the launch of Port Cask Reserve and Sherry Cask Reserve, which are inspired by the SS Bushmills steamship. The vessel set out on its maiden voyage to deliver bottles of Bushmills to America in 1890. Helen Mulholland, master blender of Bushmills Irish Whiskey, said: "At Bushmills we are known for centuries of innovation, continuously exploring the nuances that different casks impart on our whiskey. "Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve is the result of our long-standing relationship with master coopers from Louisville, Kentucky who reserve only the finest American white oak, custom-charred bourbon casks to mature this unique whiskey. "The amount of char you give a cask has a significant impact on the flavour and this is what makes Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve so special. "The seasoned casks are emptied of Bourbon and re-charred before being shipped to the Old Bushmills Distillery where we fill them exclusively with triple-distilled Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey." The resulting liquid has "subtle notes of toasted oak, spices and crème brûlée with a long, rich and smooth finish". Proximo GTR director, David Phelan, added: "We know shoppers within travel retail seek unique products they cannot get in their domestic markets so Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve demonstrates our passion and commitment to meeting this consumer demand. "To date, The Steamship Collection has been a firm favourite with travellers and we’re looking forward to the response we get from this exquisite new liquid once it goes on sale in early 2018." Priced at the RRP of £50 for 1 litre, travellers can pick up a bottle of Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve will be available from early 2018 at selected global travel retail outlets. Bourbon #3 Char Cask Reserve will be available to sample from the Proximo stand at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes.