Bully Boy releases sugar cane-based gin

by Owen Bellwood

Boston-based Bully Boy Distillers has unveiled a rum-inspired gin, which has been distilled from sugar cane.

Bully Boy Distillers Gin was inspired by the brand’s white rum expression and used sugar cane rather than grains to produce the base spirit, which is said to give the gin “mild tropical and honeysuckle undertones”. The expression is flavoured with botanicals including Italian Juniper, fresh ginger, blueberry, grapefruit, coriander, cardamom, camomile and cinnamon. Dave Willis, co-founder and head distiller of Bully Boy Distillers, said: “Our gin portfolio, which also includes the Estate Gin released in 2016, allows us to continually experiment and push the envelope when it to comes to crafting unique, compelling spirits. “After opening our second production facility and tasting room last year, we turned our original distillery into a gin-specific innovation area, so we’ve had the ability to try new things, push boundaries, and ultimately figure out what works and what doesn’t.” Bully Boy Distillers Gin is bottled at 45% abv and will be available from selected retailers at an RRP of US$29.99 per 750ml bottle, as well as restaurants and bars throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut.