Berry Bros adds to Nordic whisky line

by Alice Brooker

London-based Berry Bros & Rudd has revealed the second batch of releases in its Nordic Cask whisky range.

Berry Bros released the inaugural bottles in its Nordic Cask collection in August last year, which included whiskies from Norway’s Myken, Sweden’s High Coast, Finland’s Kyrö and Fary Lochan in Denmark. The new bottlings added to the series include the world’s first cross-Nordic blend, according to the producer. Made up of five casks from Nordic distilleries, Vondõga Blended Nordic Malt Whisky (59% ABV) is vatted from ex-Sherry-matured casks. The remaining whiskies in the series include casks from Stauning 2017 Cask (58.9% ABV), from Denmark; Teerenpeli 2013 Cask (59.9% ABV), from Finland; Thy 2017 Cask (57.6% ABV), from Denmark; and Smӧgen (60% ABV), from Sweden. The bottles were selected by Jonny McMillan, Berry Bros & Rudd reserve whisky manager. He said: “We’ve found Nordic distillers to be deeply respectful of whisky’s rich and proud heritage. Often drawing inspiration from their projects from Scotland and Japan, they show willingness to inject their spirit of locality. "Be it using local grains, indigenous materials for smoking or simply producing a distillate with a sense of place. Berry Bros & Rudd is proud to include in this release the first cross-Nordic blended malt, Vindӧga. "Blended with input from each of the distillers and our good friend Thomas Øhrbom from Whisky Saga whom we worked with to create the final vatting, we hope the release further grows the region’s collaboration and inevitable global attention.” Berry Bros & Rudd is streaming a live virtual tasting on 15 September at 7pm (BST) on social media platforms Facebook and YouTube. Limited edition tasting kits are also available to purchase online for RRP £35 (US$40.62). In January this year, we sat down with Doug McIvor, the reserve spirits manager of the London drinks merchant.