Mal Bien

Mal Bien Mezcal Papalote Joven Refugio Calzada


Don Cuco, as he's known to his friends, was the president of the local association of mezcal growers and distillers. He's long been a leading force in regional reforestation efforts for both agave and other local flora. His hard work has paid off as the area now has more agave available than when he was young and sustainable harvesting is the norm. This mezcal was rested for three years in glass before being bottled without the addition of water. Don Cuco uses encino, tepozcahuite and tepehuaje woods to roast his Curpreata for 6 days in his 10 ton underground oven. The product is milled using a wood chipper and fermented in ayacahuite wood vats with spring water for 4 days. It was distilled twice on his tiny 300L copper pot stills and adjusted to proof using puntas y colas (heads and tails). This unusual batch was made with a mixture of "Velilla" (mature agave harvested just before the quiote has sprouted) and 2 year capon (agave harvest 2 years after the quiote was cut). The unique expression of cupreata gives a window into how the complexity of the agave's life cycle affects the flavors we experience in the glass. A rare and unusual treat. Only 258 bottles produced.

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