Clase Azul

Clase Azul Gold Edition Tequila with RIEDEL Glass Restaurant Tequila Set Bundle


Clase Azul Gold Edition

Ideal for collectors, Clase Azul Gold is an exclusive, limited edition collection of unique art and tequila.  This bottle masterfully features a combination of glass and ceramic, something Clase Azul has been working on for years. This particular edition of Ultra Anejo offers rich, dark, and complex notes as a result of the mixed aging process - a combination of reclaimed bourbon barrels and reclaimed Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.  This blend of tequilas and aging creates a surprisingly smooth taste that satisfies even the most discerning palate. 

RIEDEL Glass Restaurant Tequila Set

The benchmark for spirits glasses, this will not disappoint. Use with your favorite tequilas for the ultimate tasting experience.

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