Augier Fine Champagne Cognac Le Singular


Le Singulier is a stand out Cognac for many reasons, but we'll just try to single out a few. What sets it apart is not only its Fine Champagne origins, premier cru provenance meaning it contains rich and complex eaux-de-vie, but in fact its use of an unusual and rare grape variety, the Folle Blanche.

The choice to use this single grape in Le Singulier's blend means it is marked by a remarkable aromatic intensity that many connoisseurs won't have experienced before (as 98% of Cognacs are produced using the Ugni Blanc grape...) This rare, forgotten and fabulous grape variety was almost entirely wiped out by the phylloxera disaster of 1875, meaning this selection is unique and highly sought amongst Cognac connoisseurs.

Augier Le Singulier Cognac has been produced using a single distillation method, a natural wine fine lees process that produces a more refined, expressive flavor profile, meaning the extensive array of aromas are individually identifiable, one after the other. This traditional "on the lees" method has been used in Cognac for centuries, handed down through the generations since the estate was founded in 1643, making it one of the oldest existing houses in the region.

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