Akashi 5 Year Old Sherry Casks Single Malt Whisky


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Nose: Black Cherries, balsamic and autumn spice with hint of smoke
Palate: Ginger bread, Mandarin Oranges, and sherry with hints of peppermint and leather on the finish

This bottling is fully inline with the tradition of this small family distillery since this Akashi Single Malt 5 year old comes from a single barrel. Fruit of a 5 years aging in sherry cask, this whisky develops an intense fruity nose with notes of vanilla, a silky mouth with almonds and dried fruits notes, typical of Sherry, and a delicate finish with subtle notes of white flowers. Non-coloured, non-chill-filtered and with an alcohol volume of 50%, this exceptional whisky retains all its aromatic richness to express itself neat or lightly diluted with few drops of water.

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