Zonin Prosecco 750ml



Colour : Bright pale straw-yellow; a fine, clear mousse with a very delicate perlage.Bouquet : Attractively intense; very fruity and aromatic, with hints of wisteria flowers and Rennet apples.Flavour : Very well-balanced and appealing, with the extremely delicate almond note that is typical of Glera grapes.

Producer Description

Our story dates back almost 200 years and seven generations. It includes love for the land and for wine, enriched by years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the sector, as well as an intimate relationship with the historic, cultural and human aspects of each individual territory. This, then, is the precious legacy handed down to the new generation that is now taking the reins. Ongoing research in the vineyards and innovative commercial and marketing strategies, allows the Company to capitalize on the heritage of years of activity in the wine market and while opening itself successfully to the new challenges raised by globalization.The strategy of expansion and acquisition of the Estates was based on the criterion of selecting only land with the potential to produce really fine wines. The Zonin Family thus guarantees that the whole process of growing and vinifying the grapes, as well as the maturation, storage and bottling of the wines themselves, can be carried out at the place of origin. The Family also takes pains to preserve not only the beauty and unspoilt nature of the landscape, but also the salubriousness of the environment and the finished product. Today, the Company has over 1,800 hectares of land under vine in Italy.

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