Windisch Spatlese Niersteiner Auflangen Riesling 750ml



Grapes are picked a bit later than Kabinett (Spatlese means late harvest) and have a fuller, more intense body. This wine is floral and fragrant, highly aromatic with pronounced peach flavors.


Sweet wine

Producer Description

As far back as 1780, the Windisch family has lived in the village of Mommenheim near Nierstein and Mainz. As well as producing wines using the Riesling grape, the Windisch vineyards also produce fine wines using: Dornfelder, Scheurebe , Mueller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Grauer-Burgunder, Weisser-Burgunder, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Portugieser and Regent. Due to their individual sites, the Windisch vineyards are all different. But the wines, produced from grapes which are fermented in Oak casks and in stainless steel pressure tanks, all have something common: They all have a racy, fruity character, and represent the typical character of wines from this growing region. Average age of vines we have is about 20 years. Their wine capacity is approx. 2 million litres kept in the wine cellar and warehouse. The permanent quality control and the maintenance of a stable temperature guarantee the excellent quality of the Windisch-wines.Typical Vineyard Soils in Rheinhessen is loess which can be considered the most typical parent rock in this area. Wind-borne sands are found in the Rhine Valley near Alsheim, Mettenheim, Gimbsheim, Guntersblum and on the northern edge of the Rheinhessen plateau between Mainz and Ingelheim.

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