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Union Uno

Union Uno Mezcal El Viejo


Mezcal Union Viejo uses farm-grown maguey Espadin and wild maguey Tobala. Due to the limited supply of agave Tobala, the availability of this mezcal is much lower than Mezcal Union Uno. The name “El Viejo” is an homage to the old man who told the Union founders that the future mezcal would need to be a “union.”

Union Mezcal

Union is one of the most commonly found mezcals for cocktails in the US and Mexico. Their story says that when starting the company, an old man told them that the future of mezcal would be based on a UNIÓN. That's how they named the company, and that's how they decided to make a mezcal that featured different producer families. Though Pedro Hernandez is their master mezcalero, each bottle is produced by a union of Oaxacan families. There may be slight variations of flavor from batch to batch, but not much, as they are now using a Solera process to ensure better consistency.

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