Troublemaker Paso Robles Red Blend 750ml



This intensely rich wine is deep purple in color and radiates aromasof black fruit, cherry and spicy black pepper. On the palate, loads ofvanilla, caramel and black current gracefully evolve into soft suppletannins and a signature zing that balances the wine.

Producer Description

Troublemaker is a wink and a nod to the early days, when a young Austin Hope was sent to the vineyards for breaking the rules and making mischief. Who knew a childhood punishment could become a life-long passion and career? Still stirring things up, Troublemaker is all about breaking the rules. The way we see it, rules restrict our ability to create and innovate. Troublemaker is not your father's wine; bold, youthful, and vibrant, it's a wine for a new generation of winemakers and wine drinkers.

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