Tiki Lovers

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

Bottled at a hefty English proof of 57% ABV, this dark rum is the perfect marriage between unaged Jamaican pot-still rum from the famous Hampden Estate—Jamaica’s only distillery fully dedicated to heavy pot-still rums—and rum from Barbados, aged between 2 and 3 years, distilled at Foursquare distillery. The barrels of Barbados Rum age on tropical shores, exposed to the sea breeze, warm climate, and high evaporation rate, leading to a more complex and balanced spirit. The final touch is a small blend of fresh column-still rums from both Trinidad and Guyana for ultimate complexity, rounded-off with 3-5 years-old Trinidadian Rum.

Complex, rich and potent with hints of vanilla, dark fruit, molasses, and spice. Fantastic on its own but shines bright in cocktails like the Mai Tai, Rum Punches, Fog Cutter, and Zombie.

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