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The Akkeshi New Born Foundations 4 Malt and Grain Whisky


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Akkeshi New Born "Foundations 4" is a blend of malts and grains matured in sherry and other specially prepared casks for 13-30 months. Crafted with over 60% malts, it is made with only unblended malt whisky distilled and matured at Akkeshi Distillery and unblended grain whisky made from a new type of Scottish grain spirit that was barreled at Akkeshi Distillery and matured in the Akkeshi environment. More than half of the unblended malt whisky was matured in sherry casks and made with 5% "Ryofu" malting barley grown in Hokkaido. Reminiscent of the Hokkaido heartland, the flavor has been carefully curated for relishing a peaceful moment of hard-earned downtime.

Located in Japan’s northern most island of Hokkaido and further east than any other distillery in the country, production at Akkeshi Distillery started in 2016. The town of Akkeshi has a cool, moist climate with frequent rolling sea fog that blankets the town coming off the marshes of the Bekan-Beushi wetlands. Fog and marshes like these are indispensable to the production of whisky with similar characteristics to Islay malts. Operating in this bountiful natural environment, Akkeshi Distillery will be a sustainable enterprise in harmony with nature.

The goal of Akkeshi Distillery is to blend traditional Scottish methods with the unique flavors of Akkeshi, Japan. With extremely unique aromas and flavors unlike anything else these whiskies will be a delight to aficionados worldwide. Akkeshi Distillery is the true embodiment of craftsmanship and is on track to be a leader in the highest quality Japanese whisky world.

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