Thatcher's Apple Spice & Ginger Liqueur Organic Artisan

Fresh apples and all-natural spices combine with a hint of fresh ground ginger to create a taste as welcoming as Mom's homemade cider. Enjoyed best with bourbon and vodka based cocktails. 750 ml of hand-crafted liqueur. On the outskirts of Temperance, MI, surrounded by sunny fields of corn, you will find the Thatcher's distillery. In here you won't find large automated machined, instead you'll find people. You see, people are the true spirit of Thatcher's, which is why we make it the old fashioned way; by hand in small batches. We find that by making our liqueurs like this, using all-natural, sustainably farmed, organic ingredients, puts a personal touch on our liqueurs and lets us pass along a part of what makes Thatcher's so special: the pride and care that goes into each bottle. So when you mix up a cocktail for your friends it's kind of like we're there as well. On behalf of all of us here at Thatcher's, thanks and cheers.

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