Tarsier Taipei Old Tom Gin


Our backpacking adventure continues as we head to Taiwan. Once named  “Isla Formosa” by the Portuguese explorers that sailed upon it – which literally translates as “Beautiful Island” – the subtropical climate and rolling green hills means that fruit and flowers grow here in abundance.

Taiwan is famous for its tea plantations and some of the finest oolongs in the world are cultivated here. The most prized of these is Oriental Beauty Oolong, as named by Queen Elizabeth II after she was so impressed by its distinctive taste. The flavour profile is fruity, with floral, wild honey and tart notes.

We have balanced the oolong tea flavours with zesty Kumquat, floral Hibiscus and aromatic Ginseng, harnessing the best natural produce that Taiwan is famous for.

Taipei Old Tom is a refreshingly fruity gin with a restrained hint of sweetness; light tea aromas lead to floral notes and herbal complexity. Best served with a classic Indian tonic and a slice of grapefruit.

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