Stranahan's Rocky Mountain Blue Peak Colorado Single Malt Whiskey


Blue Peak is an American single malt distilled at high altitude, aged in new American oak barrels, and Solera finished, a maturation process typically used in wine, resulting in a rich and mellow whiskey. 

Named for a 13-thousand-foot peak in Aspen and inspired by the alpine scenery of the Rocky Mountains, Blue Peak is built around a small batch of single malt whiskey that has been hand-crafted at a high altitude and aged for 4 years in 53-gallon, new American oak barrels with a #3 char, imbuing a warm, toasted flavor.

The profile of the aged expression is expanded through the time-honored Solera process, accentuating the liquid with fruit and butterscotch characteristics.

Full-bodied as the fire that bore it, STRANAHAN’S® Whiskey glowed amber from the start. When volunteer firefighter Jess Graber responded to a neighbor’s barn fire down the road, he never imagined any good could come of it. The barn he made an effort to save belonged to George Stranahan, long-time spirits connoisseur. The two discovered a shared passion for the Colorado outdoors and a good pour of fine whiskey. And so, STRANAHAN’S Rocky Mountain Single Malt Whiskey was born.

Starting out in 2004 as the state’s first legal distillery, STRANAHAN’S forged the path for craft distilling in Colorado. Today, STRANAHAN’S maintains the same quality and standards for each batch, and is made in our Denver, Colorado distillery.

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