Somrus Mango Cream Liqueur


Everyone loves mango and when mango is married with real dairy cream and handcrafted rum, you have a taste sensation that keeps you coming back for more. Imagine a cross between mango, peach, nectarine and apricot, but better.

We built Somrus recipes in our home kitchen with ingredients from our home country. Our bouquet of flavors, are one part gourmand, one part humble homemade touch, and one part global citizen. We have channeled the best of our nation in the hopes of sharing the heritage, vivacity, and mysteries of India with the world.

The House of Somrus is driven by flavor and we believe that beverages should be as flavor-forward as our food. Flavors add color and animation to our world. They expand our horizons and our conversations. Our flavors add zest to any celebration and make everyday moments more lively.

Each sip brings to life multiple epicurean notes that call for another sip, then another and yet another.

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