Sojourn Cellars Pinot Noir Russian River Valley


Brand Description

Sojourn Cellars is a boutique artisan winery producing exquisitely crafted Pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines from celebrated vineyards in the Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley, and Napa Valley. Founded in 2001, Sojourn consistently produces highly acclaimed wines in small quantities each vintage that showcase the distinctive characteristics of the extraordinary vineyards in their portfolio. Sojourn winemakers Erich Bradley (Director of Winemaking) and Randy Bennett (GM & Winemaker) are intensely focused on each detail of the viticulture and winemaking processes that enable them to produce memorable wines each vintage. They believe in a hands-off approach to allow the essence of each vineyard to shine in every bottle. Sojourn works closely with passionate vineyard owners who share their commitment to producing only the highest quality fruit, using world-class sustainable growing techniques.

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