Replica California Misbehaved Pinot Noir 750ml New Label



Rich, plummy, black-fruit aromas frame slightly smoky flavors of caramel and oak for a ripe, full-bodied classic California Pinot Noir.

Producer Description

We know it's impossible to produce an identical copy. With traditional winemaking techniques of our Winemaker, expertise of our Master Sommelier and Science to guide us with a taste and aroma profile road map, we can get extremely close. We aspire to a 95% match and create wines that are indistinguishable to your favorite wines, while costing significantly less. Here is how it works. We partner with family farmers to craft world class wine which is benchmarked to the taste and aroma profiles of your favorite brands. We then send this wine to our on staff Master Sommelier to assure the highest possible quality. Meanwhile we have scientists analyze the wine for its taste and aroma match to your favorite brand. Taking our cutting edge scientific insight and combining it with the quality analysis of our Master Sommelier, our award winning Winemaker then crafts their masterful replicas.

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