Raimat Costers Del Segre Tempranillo 750ml


Producer Description

The Raimat estate was founded in 1914 by Manuel Raventf3s with his purchase of a large desert tract 100 miles north of Barcelona. The anticipated construction of a canal from the Pyrenees would allow water to reach this arid zone, and over decades Raventf3s transformed the estate into one of Spain's most remarkable wine properties. Innovation was a cornerstone of his philosophy, and in1975, Raimat introduced some of Spain's first single-varietal wines. In 1988, the tiny Costers del Segre zone was made a DO, spearheaded primarily by Raimat. The estate vineyards extend over 5,000 acres, planted with both native and international varieties and are cultivated sustainably to maintain optimum vine health.

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