Raeburn Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 750ml


Producer Description

The name Raeburn, traces its origins to Olde English, and translates to "the stream where one drinks."The Russian River Valley is a unique sliver of the world that produces Chardonnay of class and distinction. At Raeburn we see a synergistic relationship between the land that yields beautiful Chardonnay fruit and its caretakers. We see our role as stewards of a distinct land that rewards us with high quality fruit. The Russian River Valley's watershed provides a unique habitat for flora and fauna, including Coho salmon, Steelhead trout, herons, egrets and deer.These creatures thrive under the same temperate, marine-influenced conditions that create exceptionally flavorful Chardonnay grapes. The flora and fauna have woven themselves into the same fabric of terroir that we look to in producing outstanding Chardonnay. Our goal is to protect and enable both vineyards and their inhabitants to thrive.

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