Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka Estate 17 Reserve Organic Vodka


Purity Estate 17 has all of the hallmarks that make this organic spirit so special – wheat and barley, soft, mineral-rich Swedish water and the time-consuming distillation process that ensures an ultra-smooth drinking experience. Every number of distillations yields a different outcome, and 17 provides the right roundness and bite for blending. It’s the perfect vodka for cocktails – the right depth of flavor and finish means that mixing with fruit juices, vermouth or tonic brings out the most from each.

Purity Vodka is made in small batches at the historic 13th Century Ellinge castle in Southern Sweden. Using select organic ingredients each vodka is slowly distilled multiple times. Finished with rich Swedish mineral water, the result is a smooth, complex, award winning vodka.

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