Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka Connoisseur 51 Reserve Vodka


95 Wine Enthusiast. Top 100 Spirit in the World Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

For the true connoisseur, this is our most refined and exquisite vodka. Incredibly smooth and distinctive, our flagship spirit requires very little to enjoy all the nuance and flavor that the world’s finest vodka has to offer. When it’s this good, you don’t need anything but time to enjoy it.

We use only the finest organically- grown ingredients, distilled slowly over low heat with the heart distilled 51 times in our custom- made 600-liter copper still. A process that echoes that of our ancestors over hundreds of years – time-consuming, hand-crafted and meticulous. Our main ingredients, Swedish wheat and malted barley, are carefully selected without any chemical cultivation or processing. We believe that by using organic ingredients it creates a much better tasting vodka, and of course, is better for the environment. We also value the quality of the water that we use and believe it’s crucial to the taste.

Most brands use only distilled water, which removes any of the natural nuances, sediments and flavors that help bring out the complexity of the vodka. At Purity, we use naturally soft Swedish water, and as a result, it blends with the other ingredients creating a complex, characterful and truly unique spirit.

Purity vodka is one of the few vodkas and one of the first in the world that can boast a Certified Organic classification. What that means is that our main ingredients – Swedish wheat and malted barley – are carefully selected without any chemical cultivation or processing. We also believe that organic means a much better tasting vodka and better, of course, for the environment. And, as we’ve won the distinction of ‘Best Vodka of the Year’ multiple times, international spirit judges seem to agree with our methods.

Unlike most commercial distilleries, which use a limited, expedited process, The heart of Purity spirits are distilled multiple times, by slowly and gently warming the ingredients. As a result of this long, low-temperature distillation, all of the flavors of the blend are brought to the fore and the smoothness of the finished product is unparalleled.

Just as important as the length of time it takes to distill a spirit, it is equally crucial to find the magic number of distillations necessary to achieve the perfect balance of smoothness and flavor. The numbers of distillations really do matter to the end result.

• USDA Organic
• Certified Kosher
• Crafted Free from Gluten

Purity Vodka is made in small batches at the historic 13th Century Ellinge castle in Southern Sweden. Using select organic ingredients each vodka is slowly distilled multiple times. Finished with rich Swedish mineral water, the result is a smooth, complex, award winning vodka.

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