Provenance Vineyards

Provenance Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot 750ml



This structured, fruit forward wine showcases the distinctiveness of Napa Valley with ripe blueberry and plum flavors accompanied by layers of herbal spice.



Producer Description

Our philosophy focuses on the importance of discovering unique vineyards that will define the quality and character of their resulting wines.Each of our vineyards brings its own character and sense of place to the wine through the unique soil type, weather patterns, diurnal swings, location and more. The geology and vastly different soils of Napa Valley give us the opportunity to showcase the distinctively different aromas and flavors that come from the provenance (source of origin) of our wines at Provenance Vineyards.Our goal is to highlight the individuality of Napa Valley's best vineyards and growing regions. We select top vineyards and gently guide the grapes into wine, striving to bring out the personality, complexity and uniqueness of each vineyard and vintage.Our Estate Vineyards are 100% Certified Sustainable and Napa Green.Sustainable winegrowing helps growers and vintners be stewards of both natural and human resources, preserving open space and providing scenic landscapes and contributing to their communities economically and culturally.

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