Passoã Passion Fruit Liqueur


#1 passion fruit liqueur in the world. Made with real passion fruit juice from Brazil. Celebrating spontaneity, togetherness and escape, versatile and easy to mix, Passoã adds a touch of exotic passion to any classic cocktail - from sangrias to margaritas to mules.

The delicious flavor of passion fruit has a broad appeal. In combination with an eye-catching red color of the liquid and show-stopping black signature bottle, low ABV and low calorie count, Passoã is a staple for any sunset occasion from happy hour to family BBQ. Feeling adventurous? Mix it in a Porn Star Martini, UK's #1 sensational cocktail. www.passoã.com

Created in 1985, Passoã is a key passion fruit-flavored liqueur ingredient for cocktails. Thanks to its iconic black bottle and its red color, the liqueur quickly became successful worldwide.
With its passion fruit taste, Passoã is an easy-going alcohol, giving exceptional capability of blending with hard and soft drinks: simply enjoyed with tonic, or in a more sophisticated cocktail like the Porn Star Martini.

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