Ole Smoky

Ole Smoky White Lightnin' Moonshine


Ole Smoky White Lightnin’ Moonshine is made from 100% grain neutral spirits that have been distilled six times for premium smoothness. The first sentence of Ole Smoky’s website describing White Lightnin’ is “For mixin’.” It is 100 proof and should be treated as such. Use it in place of vodka, gin, or tequila in your favorite cocktails.

Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, known as The Holler, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the most visited distillery in America. The Ole Smoky families were among the first to set foot in the Smoky Mountains. In order to survive during tough economic times, the family honed the art of whiskey making in order to survive. When Tennessee state law changed to allow distillation of spirits, Ole Smoky showcased the art of superior, mountain made moonshine. Old Smoky was the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee. Old Smoky Moonshine is, “built from passed-down secrets and traditions.”

Every ingredient that goes into Ole Smoky moonshine is sourced locally. The hickory cane corn is grown in Jefferson County, Tennessee. A hundred years ago, this was the only corn grown in the area. The authenticity of this moonshine in flavor and story goes on.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine has experienced rapid growth since launching in 2010, fueled by consumer interest in the non-aged whiskey category. It is now the leading distiller of premium moonshine in the U.S.A.

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