Nuestra Soledad

Nuestra Soledad Santa Maria Zoquitlán Mezcal


The wild agave Madrecuixe belongs to the Karwinskii species of agaves. Its great size and shape provide a high concentration of sugars, creating a mezcal known for its softness and subtle aromas.

Situated between two rivers, Santa Maria Zoquitlán has several basic crops like corn and beans, but also exotic fruits like watermelon and papaya. The soil is rich in various minerals, and these features influence the flavor profiles of agaves from this community.

Tasting Notes

Lemon zest, red pepper, tropical fruit and smoked game greet the nose with a big, creamy and complex palate featuring honeysuckle and sandalwood. The exotic finish is long and nuanced with lychee, stone fruit and savory herbs.

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