Malibu Flavored Caribbean Rum with Passion Fruit Liqueur

When a real Caribbean getaway isn't in the cards, Malibu Passion Fruit flavored rum brings the Caribbean to you with the tart taste of passion fruit. If you love the smooth and sweet character of Malibu rum but prefer a more fruit-forward flavor, Malibu Passion Fruit can be the perfect substitute in any rum-based recipe. It pairs well with coconut, citrus, and other tropical flavors, or you can use it to give your tried-and-true cocktails a new twist. Swap out the rum in a mojito or daiquiri for Malibu Passion Fruit, or mix equal parts Malibu Passion Fruit, pineapple juice, and orange juice for a refreshing summer beverage. Celebrate your passion for summer with this naturally flavored rum imported from Barbados, an island known for its world-class rum. Produced on Barbados since 1893, Malibu is the No. 1 flavored rum in the world and the most-talked-about rum brand during the summer.

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