Lepanto Brandy De Jerez Pedro Ximenez Solera Gran Reserva


Lepanto PX shows a dark amber color with mahogany tones. On the nose, it has beautiful rich aromas of raisins and figs and notes of oak. On the palate, it is smooth and elegant with a sweet sensation from the Pedro Ximenez.

It was in 1835 when the young Manuel Marla Gonzalez Angel founded Gonzalez Byass and started a long, and passion-filled journey, dedicated to the world of wine. Manuel M found the support he needed, to get this fascinating business dedicated to Sherry wine started, in his uncle, Jose Angel, Tio Pepe (Uncle Joe). It was he who showed his nephew everything he knew about Fino wines, so much so that his name was given to the wineries foundational solera, where today you can still read the name, Solera del Tio Pepe. This was how the legend of Spain's, and possibly the world's most famous Fino Sherry, started to be forged 

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