Krogstad Aquavit

Specializing in Handcrafted, small-batch spirits, and using only the best ingredients, House Spirits distills their spirits, in the heart of Portland, Oregon, for the world to see. They provide tours where people can observe the spirits being crafted before their very eyes. “an invitation to explore the tradition and the future of American craft distilling…A leader of Portland’s world-renowned maker community, we are a real distillery, where real people put their heart, soul, and artistry into crafting products that delight and inspire” (House Spirits).

Often seen as a gin replacement, Aquavit is a centuries-old Scandinavian liquor. Aquavit starts as a clear, neutral spirit, similar to vodka, which is then flavored with a variety of spices including caraway, anise, dill or coriander, and is most commonly served chilled, in small, icy glasses. You can often see it accompanying most Scandinavian foods, like preserved fish, or even moose.

Krogstad is crafted in the spirit of adventure, the expression is inspired by the first European explorers to reach America who later passed down that adventurous spirit from generation to generation. Krogstad is distilled from naturally gluten free, American grain, and flavored with a robust blend of caraway and star anise.

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