Koval Rye Vodka

Koval Distillery was founded by the husband and wife team of Robert and Sonat Birnecker. Indeed, they claim the whole family is involved in production between in-laws and mothers. Robert Koval comes from a heritage of Austrian distilling, particularly with pear beer and estate spirits. They are proud to maintain organic ingredients for nutrition, taste, and sustainability as well as adhering to kosher standards. As a microdistillery, they produce the spirit entirely from scratch. The still itself is "award winning" German design from Kothe Destillationstechnik, especially designed for brandies with a "whiskey helmet" over the neck of the still. Koval Rye Vodka is--quite obviously enough--distilled from a rye mash made exclusively from organic grains. They use the motto, "Potato is for the peasants, rye is for the czar" in claiming their rye vodka takes after traditional Russian recipes. Twice distilled, they claim it tastes "clear, crisp, with a hint of vanilla." The vodka, like all Koval spirits, is certified kosher.

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