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Komagatake Chichibu Distillery Collaboration Malt Duo Japanese Whiskey


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Venture Whisky and Hombo Shuzo have announced that they are releasing new bottles of malt whisky: Double Distilleries 2021 from Venture Whisky and Malt Duo 2021 from Hombo Shuzo. The new bottles are the result of a collaboration between the two distilleries in terms of a whisky exchange. The companies initiated the joint project in 2015 and started by exchanging new-make whisky. The distilleries then stored the spirits they received in casks in their warehouses.
They spent almost six years aging the whisky, watching the progress closely and reporting to each other on how the whisky was developing. Getting reports on the maturation status from the other distillery was like “hearing about my children growing up in a different city,” said Mr. Kunai, the director and blender of Mars Whisky.
Both Venture Whisky and Hombo Shuzo believe that the experiment had led to new dimensions that were brought by the different malts. They hope that whisky fans around the world will enjoy their new products and that more people will enjoy a variety of Japanese whisky in the future.

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