Koch El

Koch El Mezcal Artesanal Joven Maguey Tepeztate De San Baltazar Guelavila 94

Koch El Mezcal is one of Mexico's most sought-after brands. We've waited for years for this special brand to arrive and now that it's finally here it's selling out as quickly as we can get it. Koch El Mezcal is headed by Carlos Moreno, the family is committed to sustainable cultivation and traditional methodology. They specialize in Wild Agave cultivation and operate two palenques, which distill in distinctly different styles. This Tepextate comes from the village of San Baltzarar Guelavila. Master Mescalero Pedro Hernandez roasts the 15 year old pinas in traditional conical earthen ovens before crushing on the donkey driven molino de piedra. Fermentation is open vat pine and oak before double copper pot distillation. Stilled to proof and bottled at 94 proof, this Tepeztate shows incredible freshness and intensity. The Agave Marmorata (Tepextate) shows powerful fresh herbs and bitter sweet roots. Ripe and sweet smoke on the palate, with earth floral component that builds to a sweet herbal finish. A grand example of this special agave.

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