KIN White Whiskey

Americans do things differently. We turn outlaws into legends and rule-breakers into icons. Introducing the next great American Legend….KIN White Whiskey.

KIN White Whiskey (40% ABV / 80 Proof) is un-aged, never-barreled American made white whiskey made from only American grown ingredients. It’s the way we’ve always operated and always will. 

KIN uses a proprietary blend of corn and rye. Our distillation and blending process uses clear spring water to create a smooth finish without a backwoods bite. KIN White Whiskey doesn’t have the nasty “solventy” aftertaste found in other un-aged products and it possesses a natural, smooth, easy drinking flavor profile. It’s perfect for shooting or mixing into your favorite cocktails.

We think you’ll agree, KIN is the perfect companion for whatever adventure you’re on.

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