The Kyoto Distillery

Ki No Bi Dry Gin 1.8L


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Gin made in Kyoto Prefecture from rice spirit and featuring locally sourced Japanese botanicals • The 11 botanicals include juniper, yellow yuzu, hinoki wood chips (Japanese cypress), red shiso leaves, bamboo leaves, ginger, lemon, orris, gyokuro tea from the Uji region, green sanshō (Japanese Szechuan peppercorn) and kinome (leaves from the peppercorn tree). • Botanicals are macerated in rice spirit and distilled separately to capture their optimal flavor before blending. The blend is left to marry in stainless steel before bottling. • Proofed down with water sourced from the Fushimi region, known for its delicate brewing water.

Bottle Size: 1.8 Liter


Kyoto Distillery has the incredible distinction of being Japan’s first dedicated artisanal gin distillery. Founded in 2015 by David Croll and Marcin Miller, the facility is situated in Minami-Ku, in southern Kyoto City, nearby the famed Fushimi region, known for centuries for its production of nihon-shu (Japanese sake). Ki No Bi was launched in 2016…

Ki No Bi which translates to “The Beauty of the Seasons,” is made using locally sourced ingredients and incredibly meticulous craftsmanship. The production process is overseen by Masami Onishi, a former Chief Blender, and Suntory, and Head Distiller Alex Davies, a former distiller at Chase and Cotswold distilleries.


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